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Dream. Plan. Enjoy.

with Worldin Immigration Management


Worldin Immigration Management Ltd is a group of licensed immigration consultants who are regulated by ICCRC to provide professional services to employees and employers.

We provide services from education, employment to immigration consulting based on our relationships with schools, employees and companies and assist every possible needs for newcomers, new-immigrants and employers to support successful settlement in Canada.


Joy Hyunhee Choi, 최현희 


Executive Director, Worldin Immigration Management Ltd.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, 

Member of ICCRC R507955, August, 2012


Immigration course, Ashton College, Vancouver, Canada

Master of Science,  Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea

Bachelor of Science, University of Seoul, Seoul, Korea


Center Director,, Vancouver

Marketing manager,

    Bodwell High School & Colleges, Canada

Human Resources Assistant,

    Pacific Gateway International College,Canada

Vice President,

    MapleBear Kindergarden(캐나다 문화 어학원 산하업체), Korea

Senior Counselor,, Korea


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